Greensteds International School
Oct 9, 2015


#Greenstedscareers The God Particle | Aspen Ideas Festival via @AspenIdeas
2015-10-07 11:38:38
#Greenstedscareers Flying Cars? Flying Ideas: The Future of Mobility | Aspen Ideas Festival via @AspenIdeas
2015-10-07 10:14:37
#Greenstedscareers Jacque Fresco - The Venus Project via @frescotweets
2015-10-07 09:37:24
#Greenstedscareers How Africa's super-rich spend their millions @CNNI
2015-10-07 09:32:12
#Greenstedscareers 'Bioneers' and techno-organic 'Globjects': Karim Rashid's post-analog world @CNNI
2015-10-07 09:14:22
#Greenstedscareers CITE: The $1 billion city that nobody calls home @CNNI
2015-10-07 08:51:31
#Greenstedscareers What is College For? | Aspen Ideas Festival via @AspenIdeas
2015-10-06 11:31:31
#Greenstedscareers India's jobs crisis: Why millions are applying for a handful of lowly government jobs @CNNI
2015-10-06 08:27:36
#Greenstedscareers Why Singapore has the smartest kids in the world @CNNI
2015-10-06 08:21:46
#GreenstedsSport Wishing our U15 Boys' football team all the best as they play against #StAndrewsTuri!
2015-10-05 16:31:01
@BraeburnMombasa You can always pass by for a bite :-)
2015-10-02 14:27:32
@BraeburnMombasa Thanks!
2015-10-02 09:04:26
#GreenstedsSport Congratulations to Nate and Emmanuel for making selection for U13 UK trials! #Kenya #Nakuru #Rugby
2015-10-01 14:51:46