Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018
Catering Department at Greensteds International School

This department is headed by Mr. James Ngige, in conjunction with Humphrey Kadima and Michael Macharia as chefs.


Other staff, including cooks, waiters, kitchen helpers and pantry cleaners also make a significant contribution. Their passion, energy and love for their work is immense.


A normal day starts at 5am with preparations for breakfast and ends at about 8pm. Occasionally the day begins at 4am when there are trips going out of school. The support of the catering department is enjoyed by every member in every department of the school.


As an international school, many different kinds of cuisines and diets are catered for, including:  European, Indian, African, Chinese and The Americas. The department aims to be as diverse as possible, to serve nutritious, healthy, balanced meals and to achieve excellence.


Some students and staff have special diets as prescribed by a doctor and the department enjoys the challenge that this offers. Special diets are factored into menu planning. Meals are varied, working on a three week rotation. This limits repetition and offers greater variety to students and staff.


One special week in the catering calendar is International Week. We are able to produce food from around the world and serve it surrounded by song, dance and photography from the different continents. Teachers and students participate in the planning of the menus.


The department also plays a role in promoting health eating and lifestyle, aiming to educate in the essentials of nutrition.


Example ‘Healthy tip of the day’

Always make sure you eat a balance diet in every meal. The portions are illustrated in the diagram below. Do have a healthy week!





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Header 0: Catering

Catering Menu - 3 Week Rotation


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