Greensteds International School
Mar 20, 2018 Overview


80th Anniversary celebration to be held on 24th September 2016

One of the major attractions for me in accepting the job as Headmaster of Greensteds School was the long history and tradition it has and the values it continues to espouse. Our Alumni go back to 1933, as this is when the school was founded in Nakuru which then moved to its current site in 1936. It is 80 years we are celebrating now and although the school has prospered and grown, the Alumni Foundation has never, until now, been officially formed and given the emphasis and priority it should have been given.
Our Alumni are literally dispersed all over the world and doing all sorts of interesting and amazing jobs. Hopefully too, they are making a difference wherever they are. In one way or another, Greensteds has made an impact on your lives and whether for good or bad, has shaped you into what you have become.
We, who are still at Greensteds, want to find out more about you; where you are; what you are doing; what your recollections are about your life at school and we wish to know more of your life now. We want you to become a part of this community once again so our current students realize they are responsible to a much wider family of Greenies.
Of course, you may feel that you don’t have a part to play any more and that your time here was so long ago that nobody would be interested any longer. How wrong that assumption would be! We hope that our Alumni Foundation will reunite former classmates and friends; we hope our alumni and current students will be able to establish links at different levels and we hope that our alumni would be encouraged to give back to our school as we look to continue Greensteds being a lead school in Kenya.
Why are Alumni associations important?
Alumni associations are an important part of a school's ability to raise funds. They reach out to all alumni to encourage continued financial support and to provide additional funding to enable the school to keep on moving forward.
An alumni association promotes and encourages a positive image of the school. Through the alumni association a school seeks to gain support from the school community and the local community.
An alumni association can increase visibility of the school. It can also provide networking opportunities for its members. Recent graduates may find it beneficial to join the alumni association to meet previous graduates and receive advice and job leads.
An alumni association preserves and carries on school traditions. Most schools require the support of the alumni association to make sure future generations are aware of the school's history.
Alumni associations generally offer scholarships to current and incoming students. These scholarships can be based on need or academic merit.

All we ask of you at present is to mail or contact us at and assist us to get this very important project off the ground. The Alumni Foundation is an integral part of this school continuance and we will be in regular touch with the latest news from school as well as looking to arrange more “get togethers” not just in Kenya, but wherever you might be. Our ambition is to register 1000 former Greensteds students and no better place than to start with yours right now.


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