Greensteds International School
Mar 20, 2018
Community Service Activities

“It is our vision... to prepare young men and women... who will be of service to their fellow human beings”

Whilst there are many ways in which we can prepare students “to be of service”, perhaps the most obvious is through Community Service.  Such activities are an important part of life at Greensteds, and we are proud that all students leave our school having had the opportunity to experience the privilege of making a difference in the lives of others.  ‘Making a difference’ is something of a cliche, however this is exactly what happens as, week by week, our students impact upon the lives of local children and it is extremely powerful to witness the difference that is genuinely being made.





Community Service currently includes the following activities:

  • Arap Moi Children’s Home
  • Sure24
  • Rhino Charge
  • Environmental Club
  • Wildlife Club
  • Buddy Club
  • Greensteds Community Football Club
In Year 9, it is compulsory for students to visit either Arap Moi Children’s Home or Sure 24 for a term as it is felt that if students are given a chance to understand the needs of local children and institutions at this age, they are then likely to follow up their association as they continue up the school.  In Year 10 all students embark on Bronze Presidents Award which involves the considerable commitment of two terms of full-time attendance at Arap Moi Children’s Home, Sure 24, Rhino Charge or Environmental Club.  Students in years 11-13 are free to choose any of these activities at a time to suit them. 
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