Greensteds International School
Feb 24, 2018
Run A Ton 2014


For many, the rough 110km journey from Narok to Nakuru is demanding on driver and car. Now imagine running it in a day.
That is exactly what two teams of Greensteds students did on 11th January as a fund raising and as a demonstration of their commitment to conserve Kenya’s five major water towers.
They were flagged off at 6:55 by Francis Nkako, CEO Kenya Water Towers Agency, and ran multiple 2km stretches as they climbed the vertical kilometre to Mau Narok. With just 40km remaining and Lake Nakuru glistening below, confidence soared and everyone wanted to run. The number of teams increased first to three, then to four and finally to six. More students were bused in and parents joined the convoy to school. Finally, at 4:20 junior students Palvi and Nancy led a mass finish through the school gate.
Distinguished guests Hassan Noor, Senior Director of Administration in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, and Christian Lambrechts, Executive Director Rhino Ark, congratulated the students on their achievement. They gave the pupils information and advice on the status of Kenya’s water towers and pledged to support the school in its noble endeavors.
Finally the runners all enjoyed a well-earned dinner at the campsite and a warm bed.
Thanks go out to all of those who participated, supported or donated to Run-A-Ton. To date we have raised sh99000 out of our target of sh110000 and are hoping that somewhere out there we will find a generous person to make up the final sh11000.
I shall leave you with a sample of what Gitau Wambugu, year 12, wrote about the event.
Each year as I participate in Run-A-Ton I never cease to be amazed by the splendour of the event, or expect a successful outcome to such a monstrous challenge. Running approximately 110km is no easy feat, yet a team of underage students, including myself and a handful of dedicated staff, make it seem like any other Saturday event. It warms me to see the strength and determination of the human spirit at its best, with each student craving to run that extra metre, to carry that extra jug of water, to simply be the best they can. My uttermost appreciation and respect to all those that stepped up to the challenge, from the student chefs who made supper and breakfast that much more enjoyable, to those who were not directly involved but still made the event such a huge success by fundraising, by organising in school and by honouring us with their presence.
Glory tastes bitter when it cannot be shared with others. I hope those who join me in next year’s Run-A-Ton realize that and continue to uphold the honour of being able to conserve Kenya’s water towers for future generations, even if it means taking one small step after the other in the long journey to come.’
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