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Mar 24, 2018
Junior School Music

Junior School Music Band
Greensteds School is one of very few schools which offer high quality education in music as a subject in Kenya. In October 2008, the Music Department and a few dedicated music students formed a Junior School Band which has been practicing and learning basic elements of music under the guidance of Mr. Etienne Mangala. The band plays contemporary music such as Rock, Hip hop and reggae which relates to the current society and its needs. The aim it to equip students with the ability to express themselves positively through music at an early age and teach good moral values to the younger generation.

Junior School Choir
This is the fastest growing group in the Music Department. It is composed of Under 11 Years talented boys and girls. Their meetings are on Tuesdays after school and Wednesday morning before registration. During this time, they do vocal training and rehearsal. As a result of this, new talent has been discovered as children realize their potential. Performances happen every Wednesday in their junior assembly. Their future plan is to reach out to other children and spread the message of peace, love and unity through their songs. Some of the songs these children perform are their own compositions. Apart from getting formal education, the Music Department strongly believes that music empowers and is an effective tool for spreading hope.

Music lessons
The Junior School music education approach is in two dimensions: The Theoretical and the practical. The Department has a policy of ensuring that all children learn to play at least an instrument as well as learn to read and write music. Early compositional techniques are taught during their time in Junior School so as to lay the foundation for the future. It is at this time that children develop an interest in pursuing Music. As a policy, the Department also encourages students to be the best they can be and realize their full potential.

Why Learn Music When Young?
Music is believed to be a universal language. With a strum of a note, hearts can be ‘melted’. With the beating of a drum, rhythm can move the heart of an individual. Early learning of music helps improve communication skills, expression and reaction towards excitement, anger, failure, success as well as joy.
Research conducted in the past reveals that most students who take music excel not only in the subject but also in various academic areas. Music makes learning interesting.

Activities in the calendar year
There has been a lot of competition in the Junior School relating to Music, composition, performance and touring. Some notable high flyers have been recognized in various areas. Kathleen and Jesse in year 6 have been recognized for their ability to write songs and are being featured in the newest school CD, Changes. The girls have been excellent in writing and they are currently in the Afrocentrix studio recording their big hit. The two have been a school favorite and intend to write more songs in the future.
During the Christmas carol concert held in December 2008, another rising star in the junior school circles emerged: Mwanza Musau. With his ability to sing loud and clear and with a lot of confidence, he has endeared many hearts. Mwanza is also in the junior band and plays the acoustic guitar really well! His first recording happened when he was in class 3 for the second school CD entitled Destiny. During this time, he narrated an intro which set him to love music as a performing art.
Other new contenders for the music crown are the boys and girls who are in the junior band. Most of them are already gearing up for the summer 2009 Music Tour to England.
Before this tour, this band of young musicians is set to have their first major performance during the parents’ weekend on the 15th of March. Other performances lined up include two days of the annual Inter-house Music competitions where they will curtain raise for the main event on Saturday the 28th of March. Plans are also underway for them to perform during the second season of Staff idols planned for third term!
With this emerging talent, only the sky can be the limit!
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