Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018

We recognise the importance technology will have in our students’ futures so each class in Key Stage 2 has its own computer with Internet access allowing our children to enhance their research skills and become more adept with using such technology.  In addition we have the Junior ICT Suite (housing over 20 computers) which is accessed by each pupil for at least one lesson a week for an IT lesson with a specialist teacher.

IT lessons expose our students to a wide range of multi-functional software which they learn to use for specific purposes.  Our aim is to provide students with the necessary research and presentation skills in order to continue their development into the Senior School.  By the end of Year 6 our students should be accomplished at using Word, Excel and Publisher as well as using the Internet as a research tool responsibly and efficiently.

Katie, “Everyone has their own computer to use in IT.”
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