Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018

Good Literacy skills are clearly very important to our student’s futures and we strive to prepare them accordingly.  Through as many relevant topics and rich and absorbing texts as possible our students experience a very wide range of writing styles and purposes for a range of audiences.  From short fictional stories to poetry, biographies to instructional booklets and persuasive posters to newspaper journalism our students are being prepared for the real world where Literacy is all around them.

We follow the guidelines set out in the National Literacy Strategy (UK) and teach one hour long session of Literacy each day of the week.  Sessions usually begin with an interactive teaching input from the teacher followed by a piece of individual or group work from the student(s).  We aim to cover five main areas in our Literacy teaching: word (spellings) work, sentence level (grammar) work, text (creative writing) level work, reading, and speaking and listening.  Where possible we teach these five areas together, occasionally resulting in a project, so that children realise that the process of writing or reading is made up of several parts.

Mburu, “In Literacy we do fun activities like pizza making and card games to help us learn (instructional writing) in Literacy.”
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