Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018

In all of our Numeracy sessions we aim to consolidate and build upon student’s prior learning so that they develop fully their number, data handling and shape and space skills through as many interactive and enjoyable means as possible.  Ultimately our aim in Numeracy is that our students are able to apply their core skills to solving real world problems and by so doing recognise the true value of Numeracy.

We follow the guidelines set out in the National Numeracy Strategy (UK) and teach one hour long session of Numeracy each day of the week.  Sessions usually begin with a mental mathematics warm up comprising quick recall of multiplication or division facts, addition and subtraction and solving word problems.  The main teaching input from the teacher and subsequent individual or group work from the student(s) follows.  The session ends with a summary from the teacher which reinforces the learning objective of the lesson.

Claudia, “I really like Numeracy because we do exciting things like special games and activities.”
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