Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018

Our students are very inquisitive about how the world around them works and in Science we aim to equip them with the skills to find out some of the answers for themselves.  We benefit greatly from using the Senior School science laboratories as they provide appropriate equipment and facilitate good scientific investigations.

Whenever possible and appropriate to the subject matter our students experience learning in science through doing the investigations themselves.  In this way our students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own learning through planning, carrying out, concluding and evaluating an investigation.  Obviously this process takes time; in Key Stage 1 our students are guided through their investigations closely by their teacher, through Key Stage 2 students are encouraged to think more independently so that by the time they are in Year 6 they are fully equipped for the challenges of secondary education.

Kevin, “I like science because we do interesting experiments.”
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