Greensteds International School
Feb 24, 2018
Senior School Teacher Profiles

Mathew Pearce Biology Teacher


Science has always been a huge passion of mine; it is a source of mystery, wonder and excitement. This is the philosophy I always endeavour to bring into the classroom and impart upon my students, giving young individuals the ability to develop and progress in an enjoyable, enthusiastic manner.

Ever since I was young I dreamed of following in Darwin’s footsteps and experiencing firsthand the strange and diverse lands of the Galapagos Islands to observe fascinating flora and fauna. It was following this ambition that led me into teaching, as I was fortunate enough to undertake a volunteer teaching programme whilst travelling. Since then I have worked in London as Deputy Director of Learning for Science and amounted experience in teaching and leadership of Science and sport from KS2 through to KS5. I have a great interest in sport, having played regional and county rugby, basketball, table tennis and football. I am a qualified open water SCUBA diver, keen horse rider and eager ornithologist.

It is a privilege to be part of the Greensteds community and contribute to the continual development and success of all of our students in this unique, captivating environment.
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