Greensteds International School
Feb 24, 2018
Senior School Teacher Profiles

Mr. Jerry Maosa - Head of Maths

Master of Business Administration (MBA)-University of Nairobi and Bachelor of Education (Mathematics and Business)-University of Nairobi


I have over 10 years’ teaching experience, having taught mathematics at High School and University level. I have also been heading the Staff Professional Development Office at my previous work station (Rusinga Schools), whereby I provided opportunity for staff to grow professionally and improve on their expertise.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching football as well as athletics. I have fun traveling and making friends. I derive satisfaction from community service and mentoring young people.

I hope to be a valuable member of staff and a team player. I will work towards enabling my Mathematics students to exploit their full potential in the subject. Changing the negative perception and misconception about mathematics will be my driving force.

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