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Mar 24, 2018
A - Level ICT

Edexcel Applied ICT

The Edexcel GCE in Applied ICT is a highly motivating programme of study.  It develops the knowledge and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users and practitioners.


This two-year course aims to produce effective, discerning ICT users who:

  • can select and use appropriate ICT tools and techniques to help them carry out investigations, capture and handle data, solve problems, make decisions, and present and communicate information
  • are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of ICT and its impact on the way in which people live their lives
  • can plan and manage projects and work effectively with others.

The AS qualification has a broad appeal and develops students’ communication and decision-making skills.  These are harnessed to build and maintain an e-portfolio as a showcase for their achievements. The skills acquired through study for the AS level in Applied ICT will support further study in any subject area.

 Year 12

The Information Age


In this unit you will learn about the information communication technologies that enable people to access and exchange information and to carry out transactions anytime, anywhere. You will take a critical look at the impact that the internet has had on the way people conduct their personal and professional lives, explore the services it offers and gain ‘hands-on’ experience of using some of them.

This unit is assessed by portfolio

The Digital Economy

In this unit, you will investigate how organisations are responding to the pressures of the e-marketplace. As an informed ICT user, you need to be aware of the methods used by organisations to persuade their customers to reveal personal information about themselves and what it is used for.

This unit is assessed by portfolio

The Knowledge Worker

In this unit you will learn about making informed decisions using the knowledge available to you. As you already know, not all information Is current or accurate. You will learn how to select your sources and decide on how much credence you can place in them. You will learn that there are often many factors to consider when making a decision and that part of the process is to identify gaps in your knowledge. Decisions often have to be made within time constraints. You will learn how to manage your time effectively by prioritising tasks and setting interim deadlines.


This is a time constrained externally assessed practical unit.

 Year 13


Using Database Software 

In this unit you will develop your knowledge of, and skills in using, databases further. You will learn the principles of data modelling and sound database design, and will use relational database software to build working database systems capable of storing large quantities of data and of handling both routine and one-off requests for information.


This is a time constrained externally assessed practical unit.

Managing ICT Projects

It is now widely recognised that specialist knowledge and skills are required to manage projects successfully. This unit will introduce you to some formal project management tools and methods and give you an opportunity to use specialist software to plan and monitor projects.


This unit is assessed by portfolio

Using Spreadsheet Software (portfolio)

In this unit you will build on the knowledge learnt at AS level and develop the skills and techniques needed to design and create technically complex spreadsheets yourself. A decision based on flawed logic could have disastrous consequences! You will learn the importance of checking that any spreadsheets you create or use can be relied on to produce accurate information in all circumstances.


This unit is assessed by portfolio

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