Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018
Senior Mathematics Department

Aims and Philosophy

The Mathematics Department aims to promote pupils’ learning, understanding and enjoyment of Mathematics.

Pupils’ interest and motivation are enhanced by providing opportunities for them to work on stimulating material using a range of teaching and learning styles.

The Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is seen as an essential component of the education of all pupils regardless of their ability and as such should be meaningful and relevant. There should be provision for all pupils to experience accuracy in calculation and measurement, logic in problem solving, aesthetic pleasure in pattern and intellectual stimulus in the discovery of relationships and in the pursuit of rigor and elegant relationships.


The curriculum in years’ 7-9 is geared for the Checkpoint Exam which is taken in Year 9. This is an external exam and is usually done around April or May. The groups are mainly of mixed ability though those who have been found to have learning difficulties will be assigned a learning assistant.


There are three groups, setted on the basis of the end year 9 examinations, together with teacher consultation and an assessment of student performance over the course of year 9. One group follows the Extended syllabus of the CIE IGCSE whilst the other groups follow either Higher or Foundation Tier of the EDEXCEL syllabus (Specification A).


The three groups carry on with their respective coverage of the syllabus. The groups would have been re-setted after an analysis of the end of year 10 examinations. Those achieving below a C in the mock exam in the extended papers will be advised to sit the Core papers in June.

*Those achieving a B or above will automatically qualify to do Maths at A Level
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