Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018
Heads of School & Prefects

At Greensteds we firmly believe in allowing students to moderate their own behaviour and encourage them to conduct themselves within the firmly established boundaries of the school rules. On the rare occasion that pupils get this wrong they are supported to correct their behaviour through a rigorous set of strategies and sanctions.

To help the staff in this; each year a body of school prefects is appointed form the Sixth Form. These pupils set the standards for the rest of the school to follow. They are selected for their maturity, their integrity and their ability to confront unacceptable behaviour in a sensitive and yet authoritive manner. Prefects also need to have the respect of their peers, be confident and to clearly know right from wrong.

The prefect body is led by the Heads of School. These senior prefects meet weekly with the Headmaster to discuss issues and individuals of concern. They drive the team of prefects to be the best they can, and are responsible for raising the profile of the prefects.

Prefect responsibilities include meal duties, assisting duty staff, taking assemblies, registering pupils into dorm in the evening and the occasional prep duty.

The prefects have their own common room with facilities including toaster, kettle and radio in which they can study during their non contact periods. The prefect body meets once a fortnight with the Deputy Headmaster to discuss imminent events at which their support is required.

Being a prefect at Greensteds School is a real honour and a massive responsibility. It is not an easy job, but when it is conducted well it makes everyone’s life so much more pleasant. Universities admissions rate the position of Prefect very highly and it is one that we encourage all our students to aspire to.

This year we have four Heads of School, or Senior Prefects who are doing a great job leading the Prefect Team.




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