Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018
Oxford Interview

‘I do not get attached to things, I get attached to people’.. these are the words of Manon Mispiratceguy, a student in Year 13 at Greensteds. She won a place at the prestigious Oxford University to study biological sciences, and has been a past recipient of the award for best student in French in East Africa.


It is interesting to note that Manon could not sustain a conversation in English when she joined Greensteds in September of 2007, at Year 8. She had lived in France as a small child, until at four years old she travelled through Africa with her parents and then later her and her younger brother became students at Greensteds. She had been homeschooled, and therefore experienced challenges trying to integrate into a school atmosphere. She however did very well, with the help of a close and supportive community at Greensteds who welcomed her and supported her quest to learn the language of instruction as quickly as possible. She took up extra classes in English and worked hard independently so that in a matter of three months, she was fluent in English!

Thus began her magical journey through high school that is filled with pleasant memories and friends that she holds dear and will greatly miss when she heads off to Oxford next year. Manon’s favourite subject is Biology at the moment, and this choice is informed by her love for nature, especially animals. She would like to pursue a career that would enable her to travel a lot and interact with nature, and she hopes to work for the BBC, national geographic or any such organization in creating documentaries about nature or reporting around scientific issues.

She likes sports, photography, the wildlife club at Greensteds and has greatly excelled in sports. She has won several medals in cross-country and athletics. Last year she won the women’s 1500m at Kasarani and came 2nd and for 800m. Some of her most memorable events are Rhino Charge and the Ethiopian marathon that she participated in whilst studying at Greensteds. Her other hobbies include music, and she plays the clarinet and is learning how to play guitar. She immensely enjoys reading and here, she prefers books on history and animals. She is the head of school at Greensteds, and enjoys the family moments at Greensteds, that bring together all students as they discuss matters and concerns that are then passed on to the school administration for consideration.

Manon’s dream was to attend a top university in the world. She preferred Oxford because this university has a good reputation for science subjects and avails extensive research facilities. She also has friends who live at Oxford and they say it’s a beautiful town with friendly weather. Her cousin lives close by as well, and she felt that given the opportunity she would be excited to study there. Having done her research she went on to apply to Bristol, Birmingham, St. Andrews and a university in Chicago. A month later a mission officer from Oxford called to invite her for an interview. The tension that followed since culminated in the joy of finally receiving the good news that she had been accepted!!

We as the Greensteds family are very proud of Manon, and wish her the very best as she moves on to pursue her dreams.

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