Greensteds International School
Mar 24, 2018
Sporting Activities

Inter-School Fixtures

The International Secondary Schools Sports Association of Kenya (ISSSAK) has recently made inter-school competitions more demanding where most International Schools in Kenya compete for the major sports with a variety of other minor sports being introduced resulting in the increase of competitions.  This setup is for the open age and the Under 15’s age groups that have a league which is played throughout the term where as the tournaments are normally played towards the end of the term on a selected day.

The younger age groups teams – Under 13’s, Under 11’s and the Under 9’s – mainly compete against local Prep Schools – St. Andrews, Pembroke and Shah Academy.  These teams also do travel to Nairobi for matches against other schools as well as to take part in Prep School Tournaments for the major sports.

Inter-House Competitions

Greensteds School like many Schools keep the competition within the School itself where all the students are separated into 3 houses – BATIAN, NELION and KIBO – which are named after the 3 of the highest peaks from Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya resembling the high standards the students achieve throughout their sports.

Inter house events for the three houses in the school are competition for top honours as the best house in the school compete in all the Major Sports, the annual Sports Day, Swimming Gala and Cross-country.

Below is a table that shows the major Sports played at Greensteds School throughout the year.

Major Sports played in the 3 terms.

TERM 1 - Cricket, Athletics & Cross Country
TERM 2 - Hockey and Swimming    
TERM 3 - Rugby

TERM 1 - Rounders, Athletics & Cross Country
TERM 2 - Hockey and Swimming
TERM 3 - Netball
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