Greensteds International School
Feb 24, 2018
Rhino Charge

Greensteds students are participating in the Rhino Charge for the fourth time in 2013. This high profile motor event that raises more than any other single event for environmental causes in the world needs people to steward it – and that is exactly what Greensteds does best. 

Travelling to the site of the competition anywhere from Magadi to Maralal, setting up camp and a guard post were the culmination of a year’s work of fund-raising and planning. The logistics of getting to the competition site, feeding ourselves and providing support for up to sixty rally cars is no mean feat.

Once there the biggest challenge is adapting to the environment its climate, culture and creepy-crawlies. With water often hours away lessons in frugality were learned.                    

The responsibilities of the guard post include manning the VHF radio, logging vehicles as they check-in, monitoring teams to ensure they keep to the rules and being on hand for any emergencies. In addition, students provide encouragement, food, drink and cooling towels for teams who have traveled cross-country in the blistering terrain.



Greensteds is proud to have been part of this world-famous event and of the tireless energy that the students displayed throughout a very long hot day. In their small way as an essential cog in the Rhino Charge machine the Greensteds contingent helped to raise a staggering $2,800,000 over 3 years

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