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Sixth Form
The sixth form of any school prepares its students for the jump from formal education to life; it is an important part of anyone’s education – and a memorable one. It presents an opportunity to really get to know and understand your teachers and their methods; it provides an opportunity for specialising in your chosen areas of study, music or sport; and it gives you a chance to grow into who you want to be.

Why Greensteds?

Our ethos here at Greensteds is to equip all our students with skills and knowledge to become well-rounded individuals by encouraging a holistic approach to their education. We not only emphasize academic excellence, but also encourage student participation in sports, the arts and the community both within and outside the school. At Greensteds we offer a wide range of subject choices, academic and vocational, including: Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Psychology, Media Studies and Physics. Outside the classroom, students enjoy co-curricular activities including: EAMUN, Headmaster’s Project for Year 12s, helping at the Arap Moi Orphanage, Rhino Charge and having a renowned band and choir. We also have expert coaches on the sports field, enabling the school teams to excel in athletics and other sports.

Our many sporting achievements include having our students represent Kenya and other national teams in: Cricket, Swimming and Athletic Sprints; a student break the U21 Kenya 100m record; our Open Girls Hockey team reaching the semi-finals of the Provincials hockey. Every member of our Sixth Form completes our challenging induction course, including BarbWire – which is a stepping towards developing global leaders and citizens of integrity post Greensteds.

We are proud to have a great group of leaders and role models for the younger members of our community. As part of our enrichment programme, Speakers’ Corner hosts a range of presenters who discuss with our Sixth Form life beyond the classroom. Our Year 12 students complete a week of work experience, for exposure into their career area of choice, to aid their decision making on career pathways.

Each year we have over 50 university representatives from global destinations including: British, Australian, Canadian, American, Chinese and Kenyan universities, to talk to our students about their universities, life at university in general and their opportunities and cultures. We help our students get ready for IELTS exams and SAT tests as part of their university application process. This has ensured that Greensteds School Leavers are found all over the world where they continue to excel.

We spend a lot of time preparing our students for university, but ultimately we’re preparing them for life; we are confident that when they leave here, our students will continue to dream the biggest dreams, and not settle for second best. The chief requirements for successful A level study are academic ability, good study skills, self-discipline and the motivation to succeed. The school aims to develop these qualities in students so that they will achieve high standards in the Sixth Form and at University. Students select four AS level subjects in Year 12 with a view to carrying on with three of these subjects in the final year, Year 13.

The four subjects are selected from option groups covering a wide range including all the traditional subjects as well as more contemporary ones. Each group of subjects is carefully considered to reflect the changing views and requirements from Universities and so ensure students have a breadth of study at this level. Subjects offered at A level include: English, Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Business Studies, History, Geography, Psychology, Media Studies, Art, Music, Music Technology, ICT, Physical Education, Drama, Spanish and French. We offer a Sixth Form Induction programme in June once students have completed their IGCSE examinations. During this two week period each will undertake sample lessons in those subjects being considered for AS level. In addition, researching university degree courses intensifies as this may well affect subject choice at this level.

As mentioned earlier, we also mark the transition to Sixth Form through an intensive and very demanding three day adventurous leadership training course – BarbWire – which begins to highlight personal strengths and areas to develop in preparation for independent life after Greensteds. Upon completion of this course we are confident that students are suitably prepared to face the changes and challenges which lie ahead as senior members of our community.

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