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By definition every child is unique and every child has different learning needs. At Greensteds International School, we have adopted the generic term “Learning Support or Inclusion and enrichment ” rather than“ special educational needs (SEN)” as we feel it caters for a wider spectrum of learning needs. We acknowledge that there are learning disabilities and difficulties that can make it more difficult for a child to learn or access education like other children of a similar age. The Learning Support Department enables these children to overcome barriers to learning quickly and easily thus reaching their full academic, social
and emotional potential.

Why Learning Support services?
Greensteds International is non-selective at entry because we believe education empowers everyone regardless of ability or past educational experience. Children with academic needs require extra or different help from that given to other children of the same age to access curriculum.

Identification and assessment of learners
At Greensteds, we believe in the early identification of pupils with individual learning needs so that appropriate intervention can begin in order to maximize the pupils’ learning within the mainstream environment. The teachers in our department support pupils through differentiation, or through individual, small group or in class support as required by a child’s individual learning needs. This support is available
from Kindergarten through to Senior school.

Learning needs
Following the school’s Learning diversity/Inclusion policy, the student’s learning needs are considered on an individual basis and is provided by our successful Learning Support team. At Greensteds, we provide integrated support to pupils, one to one sessions in Mathematics, Science and Literacy. If necessary, withdrawal from a second language may be recommended to work on specific learning needs. Pupils, parents and teachers work together to set individual targets for pupils who require an individualized learning plan and these meetings are conducted regularly and on need basis.

English as an Additional Language (Beginners)

This is a teaching program for students who join Greensteds at advanced level with little or zero English. Greensteds School has programs for beginners depending on the child’s age. These are independent packages aimed at facilitating the child’s initial inclusion into the social and academic life of the school.

The department through the SENCo also applies for exam concessions on behalf of the school for students in learning support department who are sitting public exams at all levels. Assessments for this purpose are done prior to making these applications for exam accommodations.