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In the Sixth Form, we aim to provide students with the critical life skills that will enable them to make balanced and educated choices to take responsibility for the next steps in their educational journey and future. This ties in with ‘Our ethos here at Greensteds, which is to equip all our students with skills and knowledge to become well-rounded individuals by encouraging a holistic approach to their education. The 7 pillars of Greensteds; Dedication, Respect, Diversity, Opportunity, Care, Community and Challenge with no doubt instill the values they will need at university and for life in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing society.

The teaching and learning system executed by our supportive and nurturing teachers is what your child will find at Greensteds. This is coupled with the provision of the most distinctive, forward-thinking and outward-looking co-educational environment, where diverse abilities are recognised, celebrated and given the fullest expression. A Sixth Form Centre with common room, study room and higher education library is provided for use
during study periods that are supervised.

Students with their parents are encouraged to read carefully the Greensteds Sixth Form curriculum booklet. There is a lot of information on life at Greensteds and in particular life in the sixth form as well as information on all subjects on offer. This will enable you to make an informed decision on subjects you may wish to study post-IGCSEs. Head of Sixth Form, Senior Leadership Team, Dorm Parents, Heads of Departments, teachers and form tutors will all help you during your time at Greensteds.

It would be easy to bypass pastoral support at this higher end of adolescence, but actually, this is a time when strong pastoral care can be critical. In effect to this, a strong tutoring system to provide pastoral support and encourage an awareness of the wider world is in place. PSHE lessons have also been timetabled to provide consistent and meaningful content across the Sixth Form which is followed up and reflected upon in assemblies and tutor time.

Alongside academics, there are a number of opportunities to get involved. There are many extra-curricular activities including sports and the many associated teams; music; EAMUN; school productions, where many sixth formers get to take on the lead roles; service learning, where we enable you to be a caring and responsible member of the community. Being the oldest members of the student community, there are many other roles to offer in leadership. These roles include; sports captains, house captains, peer counseling, mentoring and very importantly is the prefect team who help to lead the student body in school.

We offer a Sixth Form Induction programme in June once students have completed their IGCSE examinations to prepare them for Year 12. This will give you an opportunity to find out more about Greensteds International School Sixth Form. Each will undertake sample lessons in those subjects being considered for AS level and there is of course an opportunity to take part in Greensteds unique ‘Barb Wire’ experience that certainly challenges you and helps prepare you for your sixth form life. We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful school which is set in a huge spectacular site amongst stunning grounds.

Ms. Catherine Imalingat
Head of Sixth form

As part of the Sixth Form experience, students will be exposed to various activities that expand their abilities and interests outside the classroom. They will also allow the new sixth-formers to interact with each other and develop bonds with their classmates. These activities include The Head-Master’s Project (HMPr) and Greensteds Day – During the year, one of the slots in your timetable will be allocated to HMPr. This is a session that the students spend working with the Headmaster to come up with ideas and activities that will help the school. There is a different one each term. One of the activities is Greensteds day. This occurs every year in Hilary term and the Year 12’s are expected to help with the organization of the event to involve the whole school. It is a good opportunity for developing leadership skills. Community Service – All sixth-formers take part in service-learning with the rest of the school on Thursday afternoons. In addition, students offer help to the school community by hosting activities such as swimming, art, leadership forums and IT classes.

Weekend movie nights – On some weekends, Sixth Form students are privileged to have a movie night or a social during which they will meet in the Menengai dorm to have fun and relax, usually at night. It is a very good social gathering that allows good social interactions. World Scholars – a Global debating competition. Earlier this year many Greensteds Sixth form students went to The Netherlands to compete.

Greensteds offers a range of subjects from sciences to the arts. The subjects offered are either under the CIE board or the Edexcel Board or a number of BTEC subjects are offered. Year 12 students will pick 3 or 4 subjects to study at AS Level. At least 3 subjects will be continued into Year 13 and A-Levels. The CIE and Edxecel subjects are graded A, B, C, D, E. The highest grade is an A*, which can only be attained in year 13. The BTEC’s are graded Distinction which is the highest grade, Merit which is great and pass which is good. A D* grade can be attained if an examiner sees exceptional work.

An external Uni fair is an event at which university representatives gather in one location to display their university information. Internal uni fairs are when university representatives come into school. For more information, you can contact Ms. Imalingat, the head of the Sixth Form through the main office or from our prospectors in the Main office, School library or The Sixth form common room

There is information available on:

  • General information about the university
  • Fees structure and if there are any available scholarships
  • Courses offered
  • Percentage of international students
  • Accommodation
  • Academic requirements for the university

This is a forum that’s held in the Sixth Form on some Friday nights. It can allow you to either know your teachers and their interests or university forums can be held. One was held last academic year (2020/21) where Skype calls were set up between the students and undergraduates at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and other universities.

The teachers that come to speak to you allow you to know them and their experiences better and maybe even learn that you could be interested in the same thing that they are like such as travel, zoology and sports. It is very insightful and is definitely something you should look forward to. We very much hope you found the information we have put together for you useful.

We look forward to welcoming you to the sixth form in September 2021.


Written by Greensteds Sixth Formers

For any inquiries call the hotline: +254(770)-076271